Welcome to York Kia in York PA

This is my third Kia from York Kia... both were 2013' and 2015' Sorento's , now a new 2018' Sportage EX..and bought them all from Cody Grahm...as you can see from my rating above , I did not comment on the Customer Service or Quality of repairs. Why ?....for the simple fact that I never had to use either department...These cars run forever, the fit and finish is second to none, the interiors are very comfy, and the heated seats are to die for. As I said above, I never had to have these first two cars in for anything, when I traded them in, the underside of the cars were completely dry, not a leak or oil drip in sight...both Sorento's were the LX models with the 2.4 GDI 4 cyl engine... I travel from York, to the western part of the state, 5-6 times a year, and refuse to use the turnpike...so my trips are thru the mountains...and my gas mileage on 4 out of 6 trips was a constant 32- MPG with the A/C on and 34 without A/C, and a full load in the rear. ..I do very extensive research when I am about to purchase anything, whether it's a Toaster or a Canned Ham. When I read an article in an automotive magazine, the Kia/Hyundai brand in or around 2004 was touted as causing Toyota and Honda ( both great cars) to look over their shoulders. So my research began...I do now believe that Kia and Hyundai have now caught and are beginning to pass the Toyota and the Honda.... The bottom line in my rambling on here....is that I am looking forward my 2021 trip to York Kia....to See the 2012 Kia lineup....and make another great deal with Cody !